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“Sanne has compassionately and considerately coached me over the space of a few months in an area of my life that I had previously kept quite private and internal. The journey to opening up and allowing myself to grow and learn has felt so natural and nurturing and this is defintiely one of Sanne’s strengths – she has always made me feel like we are making progress and I feel more empowered after each session. It almost feels like Sanne is constantly introducing me to a version of myself that I’ve known is there but that we sometimes suppress and stifle, not knowing how much power is getting locked away at the same time.”


1:1 Coachingscliënt

“I grew a lot, even in this short amount of time. It’s amazing to see what is possible in this time, and to realise what really happened. When you are in the process you sometimes don’t realise the steps you do. It’s so helpful to hear your reflections.

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being you, for going on this journey with me, for guiding me, and for really holding space for the transformation. It was really helpful, it showed me that when having a coach, a guide, it makes such a difference then when doing this by myself. You brought me into places that I would never have reached alone, I didn’t even know they were there.”


1:1 Coachingscliënt

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