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I was 26, and until then, I had primarily lived in my head. I did what I thought the world expected of me, without considering what I truly wanted in the world.


When someone asked what I wanted, a strange twist occurred in my mind: 'What would the other person want? Because then I'll say that's what I want.' This was so unconscious that I didn't even realize I was doing it.

The same applied to sex. I approached sex from my head: what exactly is the purpose here, and what does the other person want from me? I couldn't fully enjoy it myself because I was so caught up in my thoughts and couldn't really feel.


How I came home to myself

At the age of 26, I taught my first yoga class (as a substitute for a friend), and that was the very first moment in my adult life when something I did felt like I was born for it. It flowed effortlessly! I was not used to that at all. I was accustomed to always working hard mentally to fit in so that others would accept me.


At this moment, I could feel a wholehearted YES for the first time and dared to take the leap. I quit my job, found part-time work that suited me better, and enrolled in a four-year yoga teacher training programme.


The first year of the training was entirely focused on our own process. I learned to meditate, and slowly my body began to relax. Beneath all the tension, I discovered so many feelings and emotions. I didn't understand anything about what I was feeling, and I frequently cried and sat with my hands in my hair, thinking, 'I feel so much, and I understand absolutely nothing!'


In the following years, I began to feel and understand myself and my feelings better. I also encountered my sexual energy and sexuality. Gradually, I started to enjoy sex more and more.


A second wholehearted YES came when I participated in Layla Martin's Sacred Sexuality programme. I felt that my next step would be Layla's coaching training. Once again, I quit my job and took the leap.


This training provided me with an even deeper deep dive into myself. I not only learned to be more aware toward towards my feelings and understand myself as a person, I also learned to love myself at a whole new level. I developed deep compassion and wonder for everything that lives within me.


I now understand that living in my head is a survival mechanism. It is a protector that wants to keep me safe. I have learned to see that I have a choice not to disappear into my head and to choose to be in my body.


And making this choice doesn't always work immediately (unfortunately!). There are days when I find it challenging to get out of my head. However, I have built a solid toolbox with various techniques that help me connect with my body and everything I feel. This way, I always come back home to myself.

And now I can truly say: I love my life and the sex I have!


I am incredibly excited to share the tools and techniques I have learned over the past years with you, so that you too can fully enjoy your sex and your life!

Official bio

Sanne Mees (1990)

Holistic coach specialised in sexuality and self-love

In 2016, Sanne started with the four-year Samsara Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours) in Schiedam, the Netherlands and did various additional courses such as Yoga and Dance, Qi-Flow Yoga, Yoga and High Sensitivity, Dealing with Polarities, and Yoga and Stress. In 2020, she graduated with a thesis on yoga and female sexual energy. From 2016 until the end of 2021, she taught weekly yoga classes in Utrecht, and since 2021, she is one of the teachers in the course Yoga and Sexuality at Samsara.

In January 2022, Sanne started the training to become a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach (650 hours) with Layla Martin (VITA Coaching) and successfully graduated in 2023. She is currently still working on the majors Men’s Sexuality and Female Sexuality. During the coaching programme in 2022, Sanne started coaching, and has coached 30 different people up until now.

On Instagram, she shares tips, tools, and techniques to get out of your head, connect more with the body and fully enjoy sex:


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