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Sanne Mees


You crave change
in body connection, sex & self-love

You are in your head a lot

You don't fully love yourself

You don't fully enjoy the pleasures of sex

You desire this to be different, you want to be more connected to your body

Yet, you are not sure what that new way will look like​

But you know deep down that you want to explore what is possible for you


​​You are looking to be guided through this process and desire a safe and loving space for your explorations

Welcome, you have come to the right place!

I desire for you to express yourself in your own unique way

You feel stuck

You desire to be in connection with your body, FEEL your body

Instead of:

Feeling like you are stuck in your head, thinking all the time


You desire to love your body, and all of your body parts


Instead of:

Not fully loving your body, or

even rejecting your body the way it looks now

You desire to fully enjoy the pleasures of your body


Instead of:

Not fully enjoying sex and not experiencing what you crave

You desire to live and make decisions

from a confident place within you

Instead of: 

Being held back by your fears 

You desire to truly belong, allowing yourself to be

your authentic self,

and feel that you are loved for it

Instead of:

Feeling like you are trying hard to fit in​, and

adjusting how you act according

to the people you are surrounded by

If you recognise any of these, I see you! 
I've been there too. 

From people pleaser to being authentically me


I was 26, and until then, I had mainly lived in my head. I was  a people pleaser, based my decisions on the fear of not fitting in. I did what I thought the world expected of me, without considering what I actually wanted in the world.

When someone asked me what I wanted, I would make the complicated twist in my head: ‘what would the other person want? Because then I'll say that's what I want.’ This was so unconscious that I didn't even realize I was doing it.

As I was so much in my head, I didn't really enjoy sex and couldn't really communicate what worked for me. I couldn't feel that much pleasure and only had an orgasm very occasionaly. 

All of this slowly changed over the past 8 years by studying yoga and learning somatic coaching in the field of sexuality.

I have developed a deep love for myself, my body, and for the magic of inner journeys and my own inner wisdom. I have discovered and learned so much about the subconscious through shadow work, breathwork, sexual energy practices (Tao and Tantra), hypnosis, plant medicines, and witchcraft.

The most important thing I have learned is how to love myself, love my body and that my inner wisdom guides me in my life. 

I feel the magic of being in touch with the inner wisdom of the body, and I love to teach this to others.

My ultimate dream is that everyone is in tune with the inner wisdom of their body, and that their actions are aligned with the good in this world.


Be authentically you, each and ever day

❇ You wake up with a very happy and satisfied feeling. You get to live a new day!

❇ You check in with yourself to see what is good for you today

❇ You feel the connection with your body

❇ You feel immense love for yourself

❇ You experience the pleasures your body is capable of

❇ You are in touch with your sexual energy - this is where your power comes from (this is the magic!)

❇ You radiate confidence 

❇ You feel like you belong in your life, just the way you are​​

1-on-1 Coaching

A transformational journey of 6 weeks including: 

3 one-on-one coaching sessions of 75-90 minutes in which we dive deep into your  situation. We explore your inner world together. This journey will be highly personal, created based on your needs and desires. 

The sessions are online via Zoom and are recorded (if you want to!), so you can watch them back for integration.

Audios for home practice. To dive deep in between the sessions and make the transformation last.

In between sessions you receive support from me via email.​

1:1 Coaching

6 weeks

3 sessions

tiered pricing*

* The investment in yourself is tiered and I am currently working with pilot-pricing. Please choose according to your income and what you can afford. I trust that you do this with integrity. 

- For students / living on a minimum budget: € 75 (€25 per session)

- For medium income: €150 (€50 per session)

- For higher income: €225 (€75 per session)

Only packages are available, not individual sessions. Achieving lasting transformation requires commitment over a period of time, allowing you to fully integrate the tools and techniques.

3 sessions are healing and transformational, and know that you are always welcome for more if you feel that's needed.

Book your free match call of 30 minutes to see whether we are a match! 

You can also reach me by email:

come with me
on an inner journey
within yourself
to discover 
who you really are

Iain, 1:1 coachingscliënt

"I would highly recommend your coaching. The content and practices both within the coaching container and done after as homework almost always yielded some new insight and progress that I would have taken years to uncover myself.

You are a natural born coach… I am beyond impressed that a lot of the material you were “practicing” with me for the first time. Also… I have already recommended you to two people both of whom have signed up and are loving working with you as much as I did."

Tools and Techniques

The tools and techniques we'll work with during the 1-on-1 coaching

Spiritual & down to earth

I love coaching with pureness, love, and playfulness. 

Pureness - I like to meet you at the level of your heart, beyond all stories. What is truly alive for you? 

Love - I guide you from love. Every part of you is welcome. 

Playfulness - not everything is rainbows and unicorns. By approaching the more heavy or difficult parts with a little bit of lightness and playfulness, it does become a easier to meet them. 


I am both spiritual and down to earth. I love doing energy work, and diving into and exploring the deeper layers within yourself. I do this with full reverence, integrity and at your pace. We only go where you want to go.

I love doing this with a practical point of view, offering tangible tools so the transformation will last in your daily life.

I am trained in the VITA methodology from Layla Martin. This methodology is based in Eastern wisdom (Taoism and Tantra) and in Western science. I’ve experienced this methodology myself during my training and I’ve never had so much personal growth in one year's time. It fundamentally changed how I feel in my body and how I experience my sexuality. I’ve also seen this change happen first-hand with my clients and when you dedicate yourself to dive in, these changes will also happen for you.



"With lots of embodied exercises, Sanne helped me to ground into my body, and to feel more present and aware of what’s going on in me. She gave me lots of tools and safe space to nurture more self-love and confidence in myself."


"It almost feels like Sanne is constantly introducing me to a version of myself that I’ve known is there but that we sometimes suppress and stifle, not knowing how much power is getting locked away at the same time."


"You were amazing. You have a beautiful, calm and supportive energy

You were both insightful and knowledgeable, giving me good insights into things we uncovered in our easy going discussions and through the various practices. I miss chatting with you :) "


Yess, I want this!

I am ready to:

♡ love who I am

♡ tap into my inner wisdom

♡ be confident in my body

♡ love sex 

♡ love my life

Frequently asked questions

The coaching sessions are online. Does that work?

Yes, doing sessions online works really well! That's my experience of the last two years, from the sessions I've received ánd the sessions that I've given. I've seen magic happen. The advantages are that you are at home in your own environment and you can have more privacy for certain exercises if you prefer. For example, your camera can be turned off while I guide you through an exercise. Mali, a client of mine, said:   "I am surprised how well it worked for me to do our sessions online, enabling me to stay in my own home and in the same time feeling as if Sanne was actually sitting next to me in person, as she intuitively knew exactly when and how to check in on me and guide me through the process. Even in moments that my video was off!"

How much can I change in 6 weeks with 3 sessions?

Change doesn't happen in your thoughts, you can't think yourself into a new way of being you.  True change happens inside the body. This is the place we haven't really learnt to be in. We were conditioned to be smart, rational, in your head. So in every session, we connect to your body, and feel what needs to be felt, see what needs to be seen and heal what needs to be healed in order for you to get your desire.  After 3 sessions, you can heal and change a lot. My clients report that my style of coaching is way more effective than regular talk therapy and that you can achieve much more in a few of these sessions than spending years just talking.  I also want to be realistic: you probably won't have all of your problems in life solved after 3 sessions. That takes time.  My goal for these sessions is to connect you to your body and teach you tools so you can continue to grow after our time together has ended.

​​You teach pleasure practices. Does this mean that I have to be naked on screen during the sessions? 

No, you'll never be naked on screen during a session. Pleasure practices will only be given as guided audios for in between the sessions and you do them solo.

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