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Sanne Mees

Holistic sex and self-love coach

Come home to your own body, to your pelvis, and to your sexuality

Be proud of who you are. Love yourself, celebrate yourself! Purely because you exist, as a beautiful breathing and living human being. You are beautiful and I deeply invite you to learn to see this in yourself. 

Come home to your body and fully love your sexuality again!

I used to live in my head, and couldn't really feel my body. I couldn't really feel my emotions or feelings and I often didn't understand the sensations in my body. 

My studies in the past 8 years changed me completely as a human being.

I can feel! And I understand whát I feel. I am enjoying all sensations in my body. I feel grounded in my body and I feel a deep love within myself. 

Let me help you to feel your body again and to love yourself more deeply. So you can enjoy sex again:
out of your head and ín your body! 


Seen at:

Media - VYN.png

The festival of the Association of Yoga Teachers in the Netherlands with the workshop Yoga and Sexuality

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